33A+ s.r.o.
  • Building of an intelligent company, an infrastructure, a city.
  • Surge in efficiency
  • Elimination of human errors
  • Waste minimisation
  • Increase of production speed and flexibility

We will increase efficiency by giving the machines a soul. The technology company 33 A+ teaches its machines to think. 33 A+ is the innovator of transformative digitisation of organizations. The founder Zděnek Havelka, originally an architect, is a consultant, Industry 4.0 expert. He has been interested in the topic of digitisation of industries for a long time.

The entire production process is controlled autonomously and predicatively, and employees and the company’s information system receive feedback. The basic service is the increase of organisational intelligence through a data-based intelligence platform A- Smarter. A- Smarter operates in two modes, in transformation and operation. The transformation mode is used for measuring the organisational intelligence in relation to the company’s efficiency, for creating a proposal to increase organisational intelligence in order to improve the company’s efficiency and for organisational intelligence increase project management. The operation mode involves gradual integration of data-supported software agents in order to increase the organisational intelligence and improve the efficiency of operational processes.

The long-term vision of 33 A+ is to rely on blockchain technology and to benefit from its cryptologic algorithms in order to create smart contracts for the machines. These technologies can be used for decentralised cooperation between machines which can be used during the whole production cycle, from draft to billing. That is something that is for now, without the use of blockchain technologies, hardly imaginable.