• Co-owner of the most important companies of ARMEX GROUP
  • Assets in the co-owned companies of ARMEX GROUP exceed CZK 300 million
  • Over 300 employees in the co-owned companies
  • Owner of the Děčín-Letná multifunctional house
  • Owner of the ARMEX GLOBAL LIVE CENTRUM, complex for sports and relaxation

The ARMEX GLOBAL company originated as a purely investment company in 2007, then still under its original name GLOBAL HOLDING. The almost exclusive focus of the ARMEX GLOBAL company is the purchase and management of investments, especially investments of financial type and investments in real estate. The largest of the latter is Letná, the unique project of a multi-functional facility which is used as the top-standard seat of the ARMEX Oil company, centre of strategic decision-making, and modern base for the management of the ARMEX Group companies.

Another important property is a sports-and-relaxation complex, currently still in the stage of construction, originating on an area of 6,000 square metres in the centre of Děčín. When completed, it will offer not only residential housing of unique architecture but also an all-round concept of indoor leisure activities so far unseen in northern Bohemia, combined with the sale of healthy food products and food supplements.