ARMEX Oil, s.r.o.
  • The 24nd largest company in the Czech Republic (according to CZECH TOP 100)
  • The largest Czech private fuel distributor
  • Total earnings oscillating around CZK 20 billion a year
  • Owner of three fuel distribution terminals
  • Operator of 15 own filling stations

The ARMEX Oil company, the largest entity in the ARMEX Group, was established in 1999. From its beginning it has been engaged in the wholesale of fuel, since 2003 also building a network of its own filling stations. Its establishment became the basic impulse for the accelerated growth of the entire group that has been going on till the present time.

Fair prices, guaranteed quality and, last but not least, 100% lawful purity of the offered goods are the principles that have always profiled the ARMEX Oil company and distinguished it from a number of its competitors. These attributes, combined with the acquisitions of the Moravian companies TRANSCARGO and DRACAR CZ, are the reasons why ARMEX Oil has become the largest Czech private fuel distributor.