• The 70th largest company in the Czech Republic (according to CZECH TOP 100)
  • The largest Czech private fuel distributor in Moravia
  • Earnings exceeding CZK 6 billlion a year
  • Almost 1,000 customers
  • Operator of the Čelechovice distribution terminal

The TRANSCARGO company, which became part of the ARMEX Group in 2013, has been engaged in fuel distribution since 1998. One of the reasons why it was addressed by the ARMEX Group is undoubtedly the fact that it has never in its history been involved in trade in fuels of doubtful legal standards.

The volume of fuels sold by TRANSCARGO, a company with a strong position especially in central and southern Moravia, totals about 300 million litres a year. Since 2016, it has been operating the fuel distribution terminal at Čelechovice near Prostějov.