Social responsibility

As the largest group in the Ústí region, the ARMEX GROUP actively accepts its share of social responsibility in the Děčín, respectively Ústí region. It contributes more than CZK 25 million to public welfare, sports, social and cultural projects every year.

An important activity that supports the region is the official partnerships between the ARMEX GROUP and the league basketball club BK ARMEX Děčín. General partnership with the BC Armex Děčín boxing club, the absolute domestic leader in the field, is another example of support for sports in Děčín. The ARMEX GROUP also promotes sports activities such as Tom’s Gym, which will find a home in the new multipurpose facility Armex LiveCentrum. Moreover, ARMEX supports other public welfare, sports, social and cultural projects. For instance, the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team or P+P postižení postiženým, a civic union that promotes paintings created by handicapped artists under the auspices of patron of the arts and collector Meda Mládková.

Another charitable activity is the ARMEX ENERGY Charity Fund. Among the activities of this charity fund, the ARMEX GROUP organised the 4th annual grant program focused on supporting the education of disadvantaged youths in 2018. This year’s sum of CZK 115,000 is designated for children whose poor life conditions impede optimal multilateral personal development and disfavour them in gaining a high-quality education. In past years, the company in cooperation with the Ústí community foundation divided CZK 308,000. ARMEX ENERGY also contributes smaller amounts to supporting other charitable activities in the Děčín region, such as the Social Automobile project directed towards transporting the impaired and elderly.

Beyond the scope of the aforementioned main sponsoring activities, the company also participates in supporting individual cultural and sports events held in the Děčín region, such as general partnership with the Czech Men’s and Ladies’ Body Building Championships, support of the “Heading for Hollywood” project or “Around the World with Ladies’ World” organised by the Děčín-based DÁMSKÝ SVĚT studio.