Společenská odpovědnost skupiny ARMEX

Social responsibility

  • General partner of the BK ARMEX Děčín basketball club
  • General partner of the BC ARMEX ROHOVNÍK DĚČÍN boxing club
  • Founder of the ARMEX Donors Fund
  • Support for the P+P Postižení postiženým (Handicapped to Handicapped) civic association
  • Support for educational, cultural and sports activities

ARMEX Group also assumes its share of social responsibility. Besides being the General Partner to two most important sports clubs in Děčín, which rank among the top ones in their sports in the country, it also supports other publicly beneficial, sports, social and cultural projects, spending more than CZK 20 million on them annually. They include e.g. the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING car team, and the P+P Postižení postiženým civic association, which supports the painting art of handicapped artists, and which the donor and art collector Mrs Meda Mládková has taken under her patronage.

ARMEX Group has also founded the ARMEX Donors Fund, which provides contributions to special aids, accommodation, transport or school fees, thus helping young people between 6 and 25 years of age whose social conditions do not enable them to achieve a required education.